ELFE – Eco Luxe Fashion Exposé is an amazing eco-minded fashion event that made its debut as part of the official MSFW (Melbourne Spring Fashion Week) 2009 Program.

Think a celebration of all things eco-friendly and you have the idea behind this event. ELFE would like to show fashion lovers that eco-fashion doesn’t have to be about unshaven armpits and potato sacks, but can be luxurious and super-stylish, so much so, that these days many celebrities can be seen showcasing their latest eco-luxe outfits on the red carpet . At these events however, ELFE promises a green twist when the carpet is rolled out!

ELFE, in partnership with Vintage Soul and 5th Avenue Events put on an eclectic selection of the very best in eco-luxe brands, with market stalls, display lounges, catwalk parades and live entertainment. The Spring 2009 Debut event at Alumbra in Melbourne’s Docklands, was an awe-inspiring experience and saw people from all over town rushing to get their complimentary Finlandia cocktails, ELFE goodie bags and prime viewing spots to get a good view of the two fantastic fashion shows on display.

From the amazing turnout at ELFE 2009, we were able to generously support Landcare Australia by donating one tree for every ticket sold, which will be planted in areas affected by environmental and industrial impact in Victoria. ELFE aims to have each and every one of our guests feel like they are doing something to help by making a difference towards a better environment. We hope to support many other fantastic environmental causes through our events, such as WWF, Sea Shepherds, Orangutan Project, Greening Australia, to name a few.

This event concept is the first of its kind in Melbourne! So if you are someone who loves fashion, style, entertainment and who has a sense of responsibility for the environment, no matter how big or small, then this event is for you!

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. But the second best time is today.”